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The Proper Dog Care – Tips and Tricks for Dog Owners

Just like any other pet, dogs need the loving care of their owners. Many dog owners are often unsure how much and what kind of care their puppy needs. With this article, I would like to give some tricks and tips for proper dog care.

groom your dog

In addition to brushing your dog, there are other hygiene measures that count.

The Extent of Dog Care Depends on the Breed

It must be noted how much care a dog needs depends primarily on a specific dog breed. Dogs with long hair, for example, need more intensive grooming than dogs with short hair. The environment and the character of the dog also play a role. For example, if your little dog often romps around in the garden, a closer look must be taken on fur and paws than if your dog spends most of the time in the apartment.

Many owners make the mistake of believing that dog care could be done with pure grooming. There are actually some other tasks of nursing a dog. On the one hand, of course, there is the cutting of the claws – the Paw Care. But also ears, teeth, and eyes must be cleaned and cared for.

choose the right type of dog comb

Whether your dog has long, short or matted hair – there is the right brush for every dog’s care.

The Basic Needs of a Dog

By the way, the dog care already begins with the dog training: the first priority is to make the dog housebroken and train him to be obedient. Dogs love to be trained. And a badly-behaved dog is not only a burden for you and others, but also for itself.

To keep your four-legged pet friend healthy, you should place great emphasis on it being with other people and dogs. Loneliness can harm your pet dog’s mental health– just like humans, dogs also love company, so that you should walk your dog regularly. With these simple rules, you set the foundation for a long, happy and healthy dog life.

Grooming Your Dog

At the top of our list is, of course, grooming your dog. You should comb your dog’s matted fur regularly, even daily if it’s a long-haired breed. In this way, you prevent unwanted parasites from nesting because dirty fur makes little pests very difficult for you to recognize. In addition, unkempt and dirty fur can also lead to skin irritation and even inflammation.

Avoid Annoying Ticks

Generally, after each dog walking, you should check your dog for ticks and other parasites. Especially in the tick season from March to October, the annoying critters are a real danger. Ticks can transmit numerous other diseases in addition to Lyme disease. Some symptoms only occur with several weeks or even months of delay! However, you can also prevent the whole thing. From the tick collar to flea treatment, there are various possibilities for this. Your veterinarian can advise you accordingly.

Habituation is Already in Puppy Age

Dogs should be used to regular grooming in puppy age. The benefits: you don’t even need much time to brush the short hair of the puppies. As a rule, puppies also have significantly less matted hair, which makes grooming more pleasant for themselves than for adult dogs.

Clean, Dry and Dandruff-free Coat

The necessary intensity of grooming depends on the length and texture of your dog coat. A dog that has long, silky fur must be cared for more intensively than a dog with wiry short hair.

Regular Combing and brushing removes dirt and dead hair from the dog’s fur and prevents unwanted parasites from nesting. When brushing, you should make sure that your dog’s coat is clean, dry, and free of dandruff – because that’s what makes for a healthy dog!

Weekly Brushing for Short-haired Breeds

Short-haired dogs should be thoroughly brushed once a week. To do this, it is best to use a brush with plastic bristles, as wire brushes can hurt the sensitive dog skin. In times of fur change in autumn and spring, you can also brush several times a week!

Daily Grooming for Long-haired Dogs

For long-haired dogs, daily grooming is usually necessary to prevent matting. Before brushing, you should comb the hair with a metal comb. But before that, please remove the existing knot with your hand. Otherwise, it will hurt the dog unnecessarily. Tips: to remove dandruff and dust from a dog’s fur, simply use a moistened window towel!

Bathing dogs – Does It Have to Be?

Many owners also bathe a dog with special dog shampoo. These products are intended to handle the matting of its fur. But not every dog likes to be bathed. So you have to gradually get your pet used to this routine. Depending on the breed, however, it is enough to get your dog into the tub once a month. However, it varies from dogs to dogs.

dog bath

Not as often as humans, but sometimes a bath can be necessary for dogs too.

Dog Paw Care – More Important Than You Think!

You should start our dog’s paw care already in puppy age. If your dog has already got used to it at a young age, it is less trouble to take care of its paws and he has to keep still. When your dog grows up, there is much less resistance against the annoying paw care.

Special Protection Needed especially in Winter

Dog paws need special protection, especially in winter. If they become sore and cracked, the road salt causes the dog great pain in winter, even leading to infection. To prevent this, there are special protective sprays and ointments for paw care at the veterinarian’s.

Even if you want to go for a walk with your dog on wet cold days, you should cream his paws before the walk and then wash them off with warm water. For very sensitive dogs, even the purchase of special dog shoes in Winter can be appropriate to reliably protect the dog’s feet from harmful external effects.

But paw care is also an issue in summer. Look at the paws of your dog regularly after each walk and they should be dry and free from injury – otherwise, there is a risk of infection.

Annoying Paw Care with Long Hair

Paw care for dogs’ paws with long hair is usually particularly time-consuming. Nevertheless, you should not make it easy and not just cut off the hair on the paws. Otherwise, skin irritation and inflammation can occur.

If small shards or splinters have settled in the paw, you can usually remove them yourself, without the need to go to the vet. If other people caress your dog, then you carefully remove the foreign objects with a clean pair of tweezers.

A simple bandage can protect the paw for a few days. You can put a small sock over it to keep the bandage in place. Then the bandage does not slip so easily. But it is also to be noted: if a larger foreign object is inside your dog’s foot or there is a cut, you should please go to the vet immediately!

Dog Paw Problems Can be Recognized Easily

Most of the time, dogs signal very clearly when something is wrong with their paws. If you observe them licking or chewing their paws excessively, this usually indicates an injury or skin irritation.

Attention: if the dog licks not only one paw but constantly all four paws, this can be a sign of a parasite attack or a present allergy.  In the case of uncertainties, the veterinarian will be happy to help.

cut the dog's paw

In some cases, paw care can also include clipping your dog’s nails. Beware of injuries!

Dog Claw Care should also Be Taken Care of

Like paws, claw care is also necessary. If your dog does not run on the hard ground so often, the claws will not wear off in a natural way. Like fingernails, they become longer and longer. So that there are problems of adhesions or even injuries, you should check the claws regularly and shorten them if necessary.

With special claw pliers, you can usually cut the claw yourself. However, please do not cut the claws too short in any case – they have blood circulation up to a certain point. You should spare your pet dog this pain. If you do not have any experience in cutting the claws, let your veterinarian teach you.

Dog Ear Care – Wash Once a Week, Please!

Like humans, dog ears should be clean and not inflamed. You should check your dog ears once a week and rinse them carefully with lukewarm water if necessary. Also, you can use a large-volume syringe without a needle and carefully insert the water into the ear without pressure. Please do not use cold water – the ear is very sensitive and also the balance organ. With lukewarm water, you are on the safe side.

After washing, you can gently massage at the base of the ear, which is more or less pleasant for the dog. After massaging, he will shake himself properly and throw out the dissolved ear wax and dirt. If you want to avoid dirt in the apartment, take your dog outside.

There are also dog care products for the ears that prevent parasites and inflammation. For untrained dogs or very restless dogs, we recommend using a damp cloth. Please never use cotton swabs, otherwise, you could hurt the eardrum.

Do not Forget to Brush your Dog’s Teeth

Your dog’s teeth must also be brushed to avoid tartar and bad breath. Some dogs are more vulnerable than others. So you should start to regularly examine the teeth of your dog. When the dental plaque becomes clearly visible through a yellowish or brownish discoloration or an unpleasant smell emanates from the mouth, it is high time to take measures.

In some breeds, however, the practice is almost self-cleaning. In this case, you can leave the toothbrush stuck – so dental care is only necessary if it is also appropriate. If you could simply check the teeth of your dog again and again for plaque and changes of the gums, you are on the safe side.

bursh your dog's teeth

In some cases, teeth care for dogs may be necessary.

Dog Eye Care Is Often Neglected

Finally, I would like to say a few words about dog eye care. Unfortunately, this is often neglected. It is usually done in a few simple steps. for most dog breeds, eye care is done by wiping the corners of the eyes in the morning. To do this, you can simply use a non-fluffing cloth moistened with lukewarm water.

You can perform the same process after each walk, especially when small dogs often have to fight with watery eyes after walks because, on their eye level,  a lot of dust is stirred up. 

How do you feel about dog care? What is too much for you, what is still missing? We look forward to every comment!

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