Telescopic Cat Teaser Wand with Replacement Feathers

Product Features

  • This Retractable Cat Teaser Wand is the perfect interactive cat toy. It teases and seduces your cats to play with. With an assorted color of feathers, your cat will have tons of fun chasing, pouncing, and biting this kitty teaser toy.
  • This cat feather teaser stick is lightweight and flexible with a soft, durable foam handle. It can be extended to 90 cm in a wide control range to avoid accidental cat scratches. When you’re done playing, the wand can be contracted to 14 inches for easy storage.
  • Interactive and entertaining: This Telescopic Cat Teaser Rod attracts the cat’s attention, making your cats spin, jump, tumble, hunt, and poke around these interactive teaser toys. Stimulate cats ‘hunting instincts, encourage healthy active exercise, and reduce cats’ anxiety.