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Tag: Dog Health

First Aid For Insect Bites In Dogs

Some dogs are known to snap at insects. If they are stabbed in the mouth or throat in the process, it can be very dangerous for them. But a sting can also happen by chance. Some insects hang around the bowl, especially in summer, and sting your dog while eating or drinking. It can also happen that your dog accidentally steps on an insect.

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First Aid for Dogs In the Event of Poisoning

“Warning! My dog ​​ate poison bait. Please take care of your dog! “. These or similar messages can be read again and again on social media. Dog owners point out locations and issue warnings. Unfortunately, it happens so often that food is especially prepared in order to harm animals. However, your dog are not only be poisoned with just such baits, but other drugs or foods are also dangerous for him . If your dog has ingested something poisonous, its chance of survival depends on whether you act quickly and properly.

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