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Category: Pets

Why Is My Puppy Always Running After Me?

You get up to go to the bathroom in the morning. Who is following you? Your puppy. You want to get something to drink in the kitchen. Who is running after you? Your puppy. But why is it that your doggy follows you everywhere?...

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Tips to Take Your Dog On a Road Trip

The car is an indispensable part of our lives, whether it is only used for shopping or for a road trip on vacation. What is normal for us is initially alien to a dog. Some dogs think it’s great, some are afraid of riding in a car.

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First Aid For Insect Bites In Dogs

Some dogs are known to snap at insects. If they are stabbed in the mouth or throat in the process, it can be very dangerous for them. But a sting can also happen by chance. Some insects hang around the bowl, especially in summer, and sting your dog while eating or drinking. It can also happen that your dog accidentally steps on an insect.

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